What number do I call to set up a Medicaid ride?
1-866-932-7740 is the phone number for all Medicaid recipients to set up rides. Remember to request MediCab!

I have an 8:00 pick up time, it's now 8:05. Is my ride coming?
Please allow a 15 minute window from your pick up time. If after 15 minutes your ride still has not arrived, please call us at 585-342-7150.

I have Medicaid. Do I qualify for MediCab?
We are a certified transportation provider for Medicaid. All questions regarding Medicaid eligibility and trip requests should be handled by M.A.S., the Medicaid Transportation Manager for NYS, at 1-866-932-7740.

I do not have Medicaid. Do I qualify for MediCab?
We are a certified transportation provider for many types of insurance companies. But not all insurance covers non-emergency transportation. You need to contact your insurance company for more information.

How long in advance do I need to schedule a ride?
While most insurances and Medicaid request 3 days prior notice, accommodations can be made for next day, and in some cases, same day, trips. The same policies are true for self pay trips.

I am at my doctor's office and ready to return, how long will it be before I get picked up?
The general rule of thumb is within 30 minutes. But transportation can be a tricky business and many variables will factor in to your wait time. These variables include, but are not limited to, peak times, traffic conditions, weather conditions, vehicle breakdowns, and many other things out of our control.

How do I apply for a job with Medicab?
Click the link for job openings, or stop in to our offices at 1449 Hudson Ave Rochester NY 14621.

I just received an invoice in the mail and have questions, who do I contact?
Please call 585-342-7150 and ask for the billing department

I just received an invoice in the mail, how do I pay it?
Please click the link for pay an invoice, or if you prefer, you can pay by check, and mail it to 1449 Hudson Ave, Rochester, NY 14621.

Can somebody go with me to my appointment?
Yes 1 person can ride with you, and in fact, we encourage it if you are using our wheelchair van service.

I went on a trip with you last month, and have now been accepted for Medicaid. Can you bill Medicaid for my past trips?
No. this is a common misconception about Medicaid transportation. Unlike most Medicaid services, Medicaid transportation needs to be prior approved, and as such, cannot be back-billed. You can call 585-342-7150 and ask for billing for further explanation.

I want to work for MediCab. Do I need a CDL?
Yes, but you do not need it to apply. Only after hiring, and before you start work, do you need it. Human resources will cover that during the interview process.

Is MediCab hiring?
We are always looking for eager individuals to add to our team! Apply Today!

How much does MediCab pay?
All questions related to employment will be handled by human resources during the interview process.
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